Whether you're a beginner or an expert, making art makes you feel great and is good for our mental health. We want to take the Stress out of making art, so everybody can enjoy it. Come join us!


Making Stress Less Art

Join our next beginner's class!

In this 4-week course, we overcome the fears and pressures associated with creating art. We learn that we can enjoy making art for art's sake, and that it doesn't have to be Instagram perfect. We also talk about the power of making art to improve our well-being and handle life's stresses.

Discover the simple joy of putting colour to paper through different easy art techniques.

The next course starts 08 February 2024, in Gothenburg.
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For Teams

Is your team stressed out, tired, and lacking motivation? Our workshops give them the necessary tools to un(b)lock their creativity, deal with stress and increase their resilience.

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For Individuals

Learn the creative techniques to help you strengthen your mental well-being through our different courses and workshops. Organise one for your friends, your event, or join one of our ongoing courses.

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Our Events

We host ongoing online and in-person events in the Gothenburg region. Sign up to get the latest info on our course programme.

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How does drawing make us happy? Science!

The science of Positive Psychology tells us exactly which factors contribute to our mental well-being and help us lead a fulfilled and happy life. Our creative activities aim to strengthen these elements.

The Ingredients for Happiness:

Emotions & Engagement

Creating moments of joy, engaging in activities that completely absorb us, where we can forget time, and create Flow. 

Meaning & Achievement

Discovering what provides true meaning to our lives, setting goals and achieving them.

Relationships & Optimisim

Building strong and supportive relationships, and believing that a positive future is possible.

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I used to go to the pub everyday to deal with my anxiety. Now I draw instead.
Lorena Sassman, Founder

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