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Our creative workshops are great for individuals, private groups, events, and teams.


Making Stress Less Art - An Introduction

So you think you can't draw?

In this introductory course, we overcome the fears and pressures associated with creating art. We learn that we can enjoy making art for art's sake, and that it doesn't have to be Instagram perfect. 

Discover the simple joy of putting art to paper through different easy techniques. 

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Messy Painting for Stress Relief

Stressed, tired, anxious?

Learn to channel your negative emotions into some cathartic messy painting techniques. In this course we leave our emotions on the paper, so we can leave them there and stop carrying them around with us.

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Mindfulness and Mandalas

In this workshop we learn how to practice mindfulness and create Flow through the rich traditional practice of creating mandalas. We guide you through the method of creating your own mandala, and talk about how this practice helps to improve your wellbeing.

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Creative Journaling for Mental Health

Learn the different journaling techniques -  bullet journaling, art journaling, gratitude journaling, and more - and how each of them can have a positive impact on your mental health depending on your needs.

The course includes The Stress Less Planner - a 144 page full year planner that you learn to personalise and take home.

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Your mental weather

Connecting to Ourselves

Through a variety of different prompts we learn to listen in on ourselves and our emotions. We look behind the façade and find out how we really are, what we want, and where we want to go from here.

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We strengthen the relationships between the members of your team with our dedicated exercises. It's a fun yet effective way to really work on those bonds, so your team becomes stronger and more resilient.

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Conference Kick-Offs

Kick off your company conference with some ice breakers, and goal setting exercises. It's the perfect way to create a creative exercise and set the mood for the rest of the event.

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